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Everyone has it, but at some point circumstances in their life, it is taken away.

You call this thing a persons spark. The Freedom Centers gives individuals the opportunity to let that spark shine again. We do this through operating programs in India that believe in, nurture and educate individuals whose glimmer of hope has faded. The difference with our program is that it is self-perpetuating, one student funds another... it's set up to last. The Freedom Centers is an opportunity not everyone has the courage to take, but those that do light up the sky.

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Meet Lakshmi

After graduating from the Freedom Centre Lakshmi has got a job at a high end beauty parlour.

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Meet Tanushree

Tanushree may be small but she is also strong and has big plans for her life.

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Meet MD Sibli

Sibli is 18, and like many boys his age dreams of one day becoming a professional soccer player.

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